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Project design and illustration rates are hard to fit into a neat little box.  Every project is unique and brings along it's own set of challenges and parameters.  The following rates should be used ONLY as a guideline.  I'm happy to discuss how I can assist in as large or as small of a capacity as needed.


Traditional Media - Hand Drawn Illustration of an existing vehicle: $150

This includes a sketch of one view of a vehicle of your choice done on a 9" x 6" heavy weight textured paper in my raw, freehand sketch style using traditional media and inks.  This piece would be ready for framing.  Shipping in the US is included. Overseas shipping rates may apply.  Additional sizes available upon request.


Digital Sketch Illustration of an existing vehicle: $150

This includes a final high-res Digital Letter sized file of one view in my traditional digital sketch style of an existing vehicle of your choice.  This file can be shared, used and printed however you like.  I have access to Archival quality printers so don't hesitate to ask about printing options.


Custom Design and Visualization: Please contact me for a custom quote. Typical project cost for a custom design or visualization can range from $300 to $700 depending on the amount of adjustmens, changes and level of rendering refinement required.

Motorcycle Build:  Builds start at 6k.  The build queue is currently open.  Please call or email to discuss details.


Payment: I take paypal or credit cards.  I require a 50% deposit on all projects before beginning. Once the project is completed and the balance is paid I provide a link to the final high-res digital files or mail out the agreed upon hard copies.  I send screenshot progress updates for proofing along the way so you can be sure what you are receiving for a final product.


For any questions or a more in-depth estimate for your particular project please contact me at

photo by eparrillaphotos

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